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~ Tuesday, September 30 ~

T-ara’s Day By Day and Sexy Love drama MV for anonymous → pt.1 (Day By Day drama MV)

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~ Saturday, August 30 ~

Rooftop Prince’s favorite dialogue:


Lee Gak: What lives when it is dead and is dead when it is alive?
Boo Yong: The answer is… The answer is Boo Yong.
Lee Gak: Why the answer Boo Yong?
Boo Yong: Isn’t Boo Yong another name for lotus power?
Lee Gak: Yes, it is. They do call the lotus flower Boo Yong. So?
Boo Yong: All which lives is buried under the lotus.
Lee Gak: That’s right.
Boo Yong: A lotus must die in the ground to become a flower again.
So it will live when it dies.
Even if the flower is alive, it must die in order for a seed to be produced.
Therefore, it must die to live.
The thing that lives when it is dead and is dead when it is alive is a lotus.
Furthermore, the symbol of rebirth in Buddhism is the lotus.

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Even after 300 years, I will… still love you.

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Why I Love Rooftop Prince reason #16: The Lotus Replanting Analogy Scene.

You need to be elsewhere so you can grow.

—Why can’t I stay with all of you?

Because we were fated to part from the beginning.

Understood and felt every moment of this.

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Even if 300 years pass by...

I will...still love you.
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